Noor chair - RBM Furniture

Noor is a big family of sustainable chairs, born in a unique design cooperation on initiative from Norwegian RBM Furniture

Mundo - Fredericia Furniture

A stacking chair based on the properties of wood, with strength, lightness, flexibility, and comfort out of the ordinary

Mundo Lounge - Fredericia Furniture

Designed to place close to the fireplace on a soft carpet, in the patio, by the TV – or in the companys foyer

Mundo Bar - Fredericia Furniture

Born out of the Scandinavian design tradition, adding a touch of humour. Launched at Expo 2008 in Barcelona

Noomi - Softline

A modern lounge chair with comfort, a classic feel, soft and simple look and understated, inviting elegance

Quadro - Softline

A contemporary interpretation of a mix between the traditional Moroccan cushion and the Eastern tea tray table

Aiko - Softline

Soft and comfortable chair in 2 versions: Low for the lounge, higher for sitting at the dinner table, meetings etc.

Easy - Fredericia Furniture

The result of long lasting interdisciplinary work. A light design and a strong focus on function, folding and stability

AYO - Stouby

AYO – soft and cosy - is made for relaxation, in the private sphere and where you need public space to be comfortable

Circo - Softline

Sidetable - entirely circular in all elements. The consistent design unifies and creates harmony all the way around

Turner - Inno Interior Oy

Coat rack for strap and hanger. Distinctive combinations are possible if installing more coat racks to the wall in different positions

Sitt - Softline

Due to the special design of the cover, this bean chair will never collapse. For both in- and outdoor conditions

Urban Outdoor

Roma Bench - Veksø

The Roma concrete collection is designed for both contemporary and classic urban and rural contexts. Design: Grønlund + KSA Design

Roma Bollard - Veksø

Designed for lighting - and is big enough for sitting on when placed in urban surroundings. Design: Grønlund + KSA Design

Becco - Focus Lighting

Born with LED technology aiming for the optional spreading of light, with a strong focus on sustainability. Design: Grønlund + KSA Design


Sleepi - Stokke

Multifunctional bed, easy to convert from cradle to cot to a bed. Design: Susanne Grønlund + Claus Hviid Knudsen

Care - Stokke

Multifunctional changing table related to Sleepi with many functional possibilities. Design: Susanne Grønlund + Claus Hviid Knudsen

Flip - Werner Furniture

Small table in solid wood with a laminate top plate, relates to the small classic Shoemaker Chair by Werner

Care table ware - Safe+Care

Table ware designed for custom made decoration, with in moulded labels. Made of PP, no formaldehyde

Care manicure set - Safe+Care

Playful collection for small children, designed for custom made decoration, with in moulded labels

Table topping

Hot Spot - Actus Homestyle

A silicone dish mat for hot pots and pans. The design is simple, playful with a strong graphic look and easy to clean

Click - Actus Homestyle

A simple magnet for storing the knives. The silicone cover prevents the steel from being scratched

Rondo - Actus Homestyle

A playful silicone trivet for allowing hot pots and pans on the dinner table without burning its surface

Aid for handicapped people

SenSit - Protac

A chair filled with a mix of balls, developed for stimulating the senses by surrounding and calming the body

MyBase - Protac

A matress filled with a combination of air and balls. Developed for both strongly and less handicapped people

MyFit - Protac

A sensory stimulating vest with a weight and tight fit which calms, and leads to a better body awareness

Industrial Design

Cooker guard - Safe+Care

Prevents the child from getting burned from hot pots and pans. Fits all sizes of stoves. Design: Susanne + Tobias Grønlund

Socket Cover - Safe+Care

Prevents the child from access to the dangerous electric parts in the outlet. Design: Susanne + Tobias Grønlund

Safe finger protector - Safe+Care

Prevents the child from getting pinched the fingers in a door opening. Design: Susanne + Tobias Grønlund

Safe corner protector - Safe+Care

Prevents the child from being hurt, when bumping into tables often very sharp corners. Design: Susanne + Tobias Grønlund

Safe Multi lock - Safe+Care

Multifunctional lock developed for preventing a child to get into a cupboard or i.ex. the fridge etc. Design: Susanne + Tobias Grønlund

Safe Fridge and Appliance lock - Safe+Care

Prevents the child from getting into the fridge, but gives easy access to the parents. Design: Susanne + Tobias Grønlund


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